Account and Setup

How do I register for Artcobell 101?

Here is information about registering for access, setting passwords, and troubleshooting login problems for Artcobell 101, our portal for authorized Artcobell dealers.

Registering for Artcobell 101 is a simple, one-time process! You will receive an invitation to join the Artcobell 101 list. Once you accept the invitation and create a login, you're in! If you keep using the same device, you won't need to remember your password. If you switch devices, you'll have to login again.

How do I register for Artcobell 101?

Access to Artcobell 101 is limited to authorized dealers and their personnel. To request access, complete this form. You should receive an email link to set up your password within a few minutes. If you don't see the email, check your junk/spam folder - it might be there. 

TIP: To find out how to whitelist an email address, use your browser (Google, Safari, etc.) to search "how to whitelist an email". You'll see the most updated information for your email provider.

You can also register another member of your team for 101 access on this page. If you have problems, email the Sales + Marketing team at Please provide the name, email, and dealer name for the person who would like access.

TIP: If you register using a dealer company email address, you can be automatically approved for access. If you use a generic email (e.g., @hotmail or @gmail), be sure to provide your dealer name. Approval may take up to 24 hours for these requests.

What if I don't receive the password setup email?

The invitation and confirmation emails will come from If you don't see our email within a few minutes, check your junk or spam folder first. (See the note on "whitelisting" above). If it's not there, then email us. Sometimes your email server may block addresses at a global level. You'll need to ask your IT administrator to whitelist our domain ( to keep this from happening. 

How do I request a password reset?

If you are a registered Artcobell 101 user and need to request a password reset, please email Marketing (the "forgot password" link is not working). You should receive a reset password link via email. Be sure to check junk/spam if you don't see it within an hour. Due to privacy rules, we cannot reset your passwords for you.

Any questions? Contact Marketing!